I am working in Los Angeles as a freelance VFX artist, pre-vis artist and art director.

To get in touch, please feel free to email me directly: saschamontgomeryart@gmail.com


concept, character & world


color grading

art direction & production design


Digitally created snowy pipes background in all snow scenes using green screen + Maya + Unreal Engine + Photoshop + After Effects. Added visual elements such as foreground snow + glowing lights. Color grading + logo design. Costume, set, prop designs + builds.

Mouth Sounds

Digitally replaced book covers on bookshelf, created YouTube sequence digitally, replaced the phone screen green screen with ASMR footage, created title sequence, hand animated dream sequence and cockroach, added faux colored light effect through the hole in the wall, added color effects on ASMRtist. Color grading, set + props + costume.

Odd Job

Changed the time on clocks, tracking motion. Removed mic packs digitally. Created faux Zoom call and computer screen using green screen + After Effects. Production design and color grading.


Sascha Montgomery is a filmmaker in Los Angeles working with creative partner Benjamin Pierson to visualize and build unique worlds and stories. Practiced in pre-vis, production design, prop creation and color grading, her passion is worldbuilding.

Sascha and Ben recently wrapped their short film Mouth Sounds, part of the Interconnected anthology series. She also recently completed production design on poetic documentary God is a Black Woman and short film Odd Job. Her past projects include Garden Heart, A Savage Reminder, Empire, Saving Grace, and Chevy & Caprice. Sascha and Benjamin are now hard at work on a limited series titled Bitter Ground Broken and its proof of concept short Ekelbrode.

Contact: saschamontgomeryart@gmail.com
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